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Precision, good workflow and a clear sonic picture.

Years of research and experience have led us to realize a musical analog mastering process.

The Variable Mu Limiter Compressor.

Manley Massive Passive

“Passive” refers to the tone shaping part of this clever new EQ design not using any active circuitry.

Millennia NSEQ-2

Twin Topology Two Channel Parametric EQ

Chandler Limited LTD-2

uses the control circuit from the 80-series family of compressors.


The TUBECORE 3U is a fully symmetric transformer balanced stereo mastering compressor. The structure is based on the typical vari-mu solution.

Elysia Xpressor

Stereo buss compression.

Crane Song HEDD192

HEDD, short for Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device, is a technological breakthrough in signal processing. 


The M4 Mastering Console

tc electronic CLARITY M

Stereo and 5.1 Audio Loudness Meter

TC Electronic MASTERING 6000 MKII

Mastering-Grade Processing Tool

Otari MX-55

Tape Recorder

Amphion Studio Monitors

Amphion Two15 & BaseOne25


studio SM100

  • Master for CD or online digital release,
  • DDP image file (industry standard format used for duplication)
  • Stem Mastering (usually minimum 5 stems)
  • We also offer track mixing
  • Export 32 Bit audio files if possible.
  • Track listing (explicit allocation of the masters)
  • ISRC Codes (if desired)
  • CD Text (if desired)
  • Contact information (email, mobile / phone)
  • If you need any advice or suggestions at any stage of the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch